My Work

I’ve been a newsie since my high school days, where I wrote for my school newspaper. As I went off to college, my news instinct followed me. I was always encouraged by professors, family, and friends to follow my passion for news, except for the exception of Mariam Odem (I can’t remember how to spell her first name, and frankly I don’t give a fuck). She was a bitch who said entertainment news wasn’t news and I’d only be a fan. Honest to God her words. I’ve heard rumors she’s read my blog….excellent.

I’ve had the privilege of writing many articles I’ve been passionate about, including: sex in public places, Kabbala, corrupt city officials, local playwrights, extraordinary one-man shows, comedic talents, reality stars, and national transgender pageant contestants. From local city newspapers, to alternative newspapers, to blogs, and cable television, my opinions have been heard by hundreds of thousands. I love the attention of both the people who are entertained by what I have to say, but even more by those who thrive on hating me (envy isn’t a suitable color on most).

BecauseĀ some of the publications I wrote for never archived their material, I’m only able to provide you with just a few links to some of my samples. Enjoy!

The San Antonio Current:

The Book of Ellen by Chris Perez

Scene Stealers by Chris Perez

What Fresh Hell is This by Chris Perez

Goin’ My Way by Chris Perez

Dive In, The Water’s Great by Chris Perez

TMZ Live:

New Love Interest for Ryan Seacrest

Eva Longoria and the Pussycat Doll Workout

Rick Ross Baby Mama Drama

Kelly Rutherford in Nasty Custody Battle

Candy Spelling Speaks out on Tori’s Extravagant Spending

TheGossipGuy on Blogger:

Rumors, Splits, & Complete Fallouts For These Celeb Couples

What KSAT-12 Didn’t Tell You About Vigilant Solutions

Old Main Association Puts New Spin on Mexican Cuisine

Trump Reveals Income, Wallace Too Soft for The View, Jenner Spreads Message

End of an Era for Bonham Exchange