TheGossipGuyBlog has no particular niche, as anyone who has followed this blog the last seven years would have noticed. Although the name of the blog has the word “gossip” in the name, most of the posts are more informative than gossip. Many of the posts are my own opinion on places I’ve visited, or even movies or television shows I’ve seen. Sometimes I’ll post something just to vent about a particular topic, or to let you know where I stand on any given subject.

Whether you agree or disagree is on you. This blog is in no way intended to persuade anyone to do any particular thing, nor is it intended to sway your opinion in one way or another. What I do intend to do is spark some kind of emotion, and perhaps get readers thinking and even help them become aware of something they may not have known about otherwise.

Whatever your reason for visiting my blog, please continue to tell your friends and family about it. I welcome any and all readers. I also encourage you to share any posts you’re passionate about, whether in a positive or negative manner. Thanks for stopping by. If you know of any topic you’d like me to talk about, feel free to contact me.


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