Hollywood It couple throws in the towel

By Chris Stouffer
If you’ve been listening to the latest in Hollywood news, then it’s no secret that Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from actor husband Brad Pitt. I know many ladies were probably waiting for this to happen. Not because they want Pitt, but because of the fact that the whole beginning of their relationship was based on the fact that he had a fling with Jolie while still married to one of America’s sweethearts, Jennifer Aniston. My question is, how does it work in Hollywood when you’re a mega-celebrity and your social network and circle of friends involve many of the same people whom you will most likely still work with or see after the divorce.
Photo taken from hollywoodlife.com site.
Pitt worked with Jolie on the set of the 2005 action movie, Mr & Mrs Smith. After five years of marriage Pitt left Aniston for Jolie. I can remember it being such a shock to many women, especially fans of the former ‘Friends’ star, Aniston. And it probably came as such a shock because fans looked at them as the perfect Hollywood couple. We however are all spectators on the outside of this relationship, as we are with everyone else’s relationships. It’s hard to see what it’s really like on the inside.
Some news sources are talking about Aniston recently trending after the news of the split, with multiple memes and GIFs popping up on social media sites. Personally, I think it’s pointless to bring up Aniston, as she’s now married to actor Justin Theroux, although there’s probably no harm (and it’s definitely a plus for readership) in wanting her to chime in.
Aniston has not yet publicly voiced her opinion, but Us Weekly reported that behind-the-scenes, Aniston has attributed the divorce to “karma.”
As a celebrity, you have to feel just a little bad about news like this. In the everyday world known to you and I (yes, you, the person reading this) when a friend or someone close to us gets divorced, it only matters to those around us. When someone like Pitt and Jolie call it quits, people around the world are watching….and judging.
In addition to two children Jolie adopted prior to her marriage, the two had four kids together. Now with all the allegations of anger issues and drugs involved, I can only imagine what the kids might think, or even what any of their peers will assume.
So while it makes for front page news to magazines like Us Weekly or People, it really does suck for those kids who will probably be bombarded with paparazzi. Lets just be glad our lives aren’t under scrutiny as theirs are. I wish them luck with all of this. Privacy would be nice, as it was first reported by TMZ that Pitt asked Jolie they keep this private. But who are we kidding. When you make as much money as they do, or are voted sexiest man/woman/couple/whatever, privacy is a long shot.