Coop’s girl, Ex-Miss Alabama, and Lamar Odom make news

By Chris Stouffer

It’s hard to say what really happened unless perhaps you bring in an expert lip reader, but during a Wimbledon match on Sunday, cameras caught actor, Bradley Cooper, and supermodel girlfriend, Irina Shayk, in what appeared to be a little bit of a spat as Shayk seemed to be turning away from Cooper and wiping tears from her face, while Cooper on the other hand sort of gave her the side-eye.

According to a Page Six article by Jaclyn Hendricks, a source close to the couple told TMZ there was a simple explanation for it all. Shayk was suffering from allergies, according to the source, and this is what was making her eyes water. Meanwhile Cooper who seemed to be giving Shayk less than loving looks, was said to actually be looking and talking to former tennis pro, Stefan Edberg, sitting next to Shayk, opposite Cooper.

Living in South Texas and suffering from allergies myself, I can’t say for sure if that was the model’s case or not as I’m not a doctor. But considering the looks they were both giving each other and the looks they were not giving each other, it’s a safe bet to guess it was a fight.

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Switching gears to a more serious issue that’s been plaguing our country, in the wake of the black men killed by police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota, and the police officers killed by a sniper in Dallas, first African-American Miss Alabama and former Miss USA top-ten finalist, Kalyn Chapman James, posted a video on Facebook in which she called the Dallas shooter a “martyr.”

If you listen closely to her video, which TMZ shared on their website, it’s clear to me that James is truly conflicted in what she’s feeling. She clearly states she was leaving church, to me indicating she’s a spiritual person. Although she mentions not feeling “sad for the officers (who) lost their lives,” she also goes on to say, “I know that’s not my heart,” and explains that she values human lives.

Clearly chapman is in tears and mentions that she does not condone violence. I’d say it may not have been the best choice posting it on Facebook because like anything else, it’s bound to be misinterpreted by those who see it. Take for example Fox News’s Sean Hannity, in which Hannity invites Chapman on his show, then hardly gives her the chance to redeem her words as he interrupts her every few seconds and speaks over her while he insists she feels no remorse.

Props to Chapman who maintains her composure as she doesn’t allow Hannity to interrupt her, nor get her down. It’s easy to see now why I’ve heard viewers say Fox news is so horrible. It’s people like Hannity who give is such a bad reputation.


So Lamar Odom is still making news regarding his road-to-recovery. In the latest headlines, an intoxicated Odom had to be escorted off a Delta flight on Monday night at LAX after vomiting on the plane before takeoff, according to TMZ.

According to witnesses, Odom was spotted in an LAX lounge having multiple drinks including beer and whiskey, and was said to have been “wasted.” The episode caused a 40-minut delay in the flight’s arrival to NYC.

An article by Karen Mizoguchi for points out his wife, Khloe Kardashian’s, frustrations as she feels there is nothing she can do for him, according to sources. Odom’s ongoing battle with addiction since October have taken a toll on his marriage as Kardashian has filed for divorce a second time, according to TMZ.

I hope the best for Odom, as his family has also tried convincing him to check into a rehab facility, but he has reportedly refused.

Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think about these issues, or any other issues in recent news. If there’s a particular current event or issue you’d like me to talk about, please contact me by email. I’d be happy to look into it for you. Until next time….what’s the latest gossip?






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